Documentation System

Each document in the system is uniquely marked and located in a corresponding folder which can hold an infinite number of documents. The type of the folder contents (document types) is determined by the configuration of the folder’s properties. The system controls whether the folder can contain a certain type of documents. The folder defines processing of all the documents it contains, as well as document flow through the system, according to predefined business processes and assigned authority.

Managing document flow through various stages of processing, establishing security mechanisms, and document ownership records are just a few of the basic mechanisms built into the system. Same rules apply to each recorded document regardless of its type.

Documents and folders

Any document in the system can have any number of attachments in electronic form (pdf, tif, jpg, Word, Excel...).

F4B consists of formatted documents which are defined by the format catalogue. Besides these documents, unformatted documents can be created. The system contains a basic support framework for creating, processing and filing away documents which appear within a certain business process.
It is also possible to create unformatted documents.