Context represents a unique approach to actions for utilizing the F4B system. The actions which a user can undertake at a certain moment depend on the type of action which the user is currently involved in. An approach of this type does not burden the user and the system with other options which are not useful at that moment.

Most systems offer various options available in a specific phase of a business process. In a myriad of possibilities, only few are taken advantage of. We opted for a simple navigation through the F4B system.

The physical manifestation of the context is the control panel. It changes through document workflow, depending on the type of document, folder and task in progress. The content of the control panel can be easily modified by authorized personnel. The interface alone does not have any limitation in displaying different document formats which are used in business surroundings.

At each moment, in any phase of a business process, the user can choose predefined processing steps. The user is not burdened with unnecessary or unauthorized options.